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Organic Silicium

  • On average, the human body contains 7g of silicium,which is twice as much as iron,indicating the biological importance of this dietary mineral.
  • It is present in different organs and glands (lungs,spleen,liver,heart,brain,pancreas,adrenals and thymus) and in skin tissue and its derivatives (hair and nails).
  • Above all, it is one of the constituents of connective tissue (cartilage,bone,fat and vascular tissue).



  • It plays a part in the creation of cartilage and other connective tissue (collagen ,elastin, fibrillin,hyaluronic acid, GAG etc);
  • It is involved in bone growth (a powerful remineralising agent);
  • It is a natural anti-ageing agent; It is thought to contribute to the strengthening of the body defense system.